Calling all ballers, shot callers, and fashion accessory entrepreneurs! The Cobra Snake is proud to present an exciting new opportunity to enter the fast paced and exciting world of retail. Have you ever purchased our signature choker necklace/bracelets? If so, you're qualified to sell the Cobra Snake chokers and start making money today! Nobody is better qualified than you to sell this cute, fun, well-priced accessory. 

Whether you're hosting a choker party for your friends and acquaintances, setting up a fun booth at a yard sale or swap meet, selling chokers on the low at your school, or starting your own online store, selling the Cobra Snake chokers can be the start of a fabulous new personal business and a fun way to share your unique style with others. 

The Cobra Snake choker is small, easy to ship, and priced aggressively low for maximum return on your investment. 

No sales experience necessary. No choker experience necessary. No experience of any kind necessary! If you love the Cobra Snake choker and love making money, you can take your passion and make it happen!
Purchase your sales kit today! 
Kit includes:
-25 black choker necklaces 
-25 rainbow beaded choker necklaces 
Thats only 1 dollar per choker!

Individual results may vary.

There is no guarantee that you will make money selling chokers.